Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cravings Galaxy

I woke up this morning and suddenly want to go to Bosscha Observatory in Lembang Bandung. I was googling and found out that to visit there must enroll two weeks earlier. Aaaarrgghh! But I want to go todaaay!

Finally, I must be patient and contact several cousins in Bandung to go together. The problem is, they rarely have the same interests with me. "Seeing stars?" They asked in surprise. "Why?"
Ggggrrrhh... vexing question!

So it seems still a little longer I can go there. Maybe after going to the Green Canyon with Eka. Just see later.

First, I must take care of registration to Boscha registration officers. It hasn't been definitely approved by them, because after 200 people registered in that month, registration is closed and must register for the next month. Eerr... or perhaps 200 visitors per day? Hihihi...I think I should be asked directly at the registrar. Get ready with my fussiness, OK? :))

Second, I want to sign up for Night Visiting program. Because the views of galaxies and the moon will be more clearly at night. The problem is, Night Visiting only held in April to October, three days per month with 200 visitors capacity!

Btw, this blog contains only plans huh?
Hiyaaaaa! So when can I go?

*grmbl grmbl grmbl*

PS: for those who also want to go to Bosscha Observatory, check out their website here.

Bamberg Telescope

the museum terrace

Sirius, the brightest star in the night!

Canopus, brightest star in Carinae constellation, and also the second brightest star in the night sky after Sirius

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prepare to Green Canyon! Hooray!

After talks throughout the afternoon with Eka, we finally emerged the plan to go to Green Canyon, Pangandaran together.

Eka and her husband, Adrian, was willing to go there, then she said they wanted to come to Garut after from Pangandaran. I then suggested why not go and see first Cangkuang Temple in Garut, in the middle of the lake, before going to Pangandaran. I also want to come, you know!

Suddenly she said it's brilliant idea!

Actually, we already see the month and date of departure. But still could not leaked because Mrs. Adrian was a civil servant hehehe... So her leave request for that date may not be approved by the state. Huh!

But this is the overall plan:
They departed from Jakarta to Garut, staying a day at my house and went to Cangkuang temple and to the Central of Leather for shopping (remember, Mrs. Adrian really like shopping sooooo much!).
Then the next day we went to Pangandaran, directly to Green Canyon in Cijulang.

What is Green Canyon?
It is a place of river-cave-cascade Single Trip located 31 km south of Pangandaran. The real name is Cukang Taneuh, Green Canyon itself known by a tourist in France during the first visit of 1993.
Green Canyon is part of Cijulang river that runs through a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites surrounded by two beautiful green hills. Green Canyon boat can be rented at the dock Ciseureuh to reach the area. Green Canyon is located near Batukaras and Nusawiru Airport (31 km south of Pangandaran).

This place became one of the places in the top of my wish list after the Ujung Kulon!!!
And finally after all this time I can only look at the amazing photos on the internet, I'll get there!

Thanks God that will send Eka & Adrian to be my travelmates! :)
By the way, my friend Ari is likely to come too! hihihi

If you don't know what the Green Canyon, try to see these pictures! It must be a desire to get there!

Photos' source: here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Boy Has Died

The boy has died this morning. Boy who was handicapped and could only lie helplessly in bed for seventeen years since he was born. The boy was actually a strong child. He was survived since he was still a fetus in the belly of his mother, though his mother tried to aborting him.

His angel face was always smiling. He never knew that he never desired. But who ask to be born? God still took him to the world with powerlessness. Maybe for his parents regretted it every looked at the boy's face.

The neighbours said, it was due to pregnancy of pre-marital sex. His mother was afraid of getting caught, then bind her stomach very strong with a shawl, and drink various potions to abort her fetus. Her effort was failed. The baby was born, but not perfect.

I don't want to judge people who do pre-marital sex. If I said it was a sin, forbidden by religion, whether the perpetrators did not know that dogma? Of course they know, but they still do it. Whatever. After all, I am not a religious scholar, not a priest, not God. I have a principle of life, people also.

But, can they be careful? A lot of fools who do not wear a safety, then pregnant, then they do abortion, or have the baby just to get rid of the child, abandoned, and some have made defects such as the angel-faced boy.
They only want their own pleasure, but do not want to bear the consequence!

I wonder they are so stupid to not know about contraception. They knew sex, but don't know about contraceptives. It's nonsense! The ads of contraceptives were scattered everywhere, can be purchased anywhere, even a child knows at least one brand of contraceptives.

The boy who died was supposed to be enjoying the beautiful days in his high school right now. Studying mathematics, playing basketball, or have a crush on his classmate. But he did not even know what the world outside the walls of his room.

Rest in peace, dear....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enjoying Secret Garden

You can see that if I liked a movie, I usually remember my favorite scenes. So here's my favorite scenes from Secret Garden. 


The sit up scene where the line "Since when were you this pretty?" was born. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin caught breaths through this scene. The scene was when Ra Im was forced to hold Joo Won’s legs when Joo Won did the sit ups. It’s Joo Won on”up” position that was quite tense. His face was very close to Ra Im’s,  and he did that several times. Wow! This scene was very sexy, better than kissing :D

She reaches to wipe the latte foam on her lips off, but he grabs her hand out of the way and leans in, getting up out of his seat. With a soft kiss, he licks the foam off her lips.

This scene was funniest and ridiculous to me. When Ra Im and Joo Won being swapped bodies and Ra Im are in the Joo Won's body, accidentally smooch with Oska (Joo Won's cousin). It's very funny to see Oska feels very annoyed! Hahaha... LOL

“This jacket isn’t what you think it is!” Joo Won pulls out the label and goes on about how it was hand-stitched in Italy, but nobody cares, which makes it all the funnier because of how very much he cares. --Haha it's so ridiculous scene make me laugh. So, Ra Im called him 'Kim Tracksuit Freak' *LOL*--

And just as the Little Mermaid was about to be turned into bubbles and disappear, the prince who has realized the truth asked the princess from the neighboring kingdom, “Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?” and broke off the engagement. He ran (and swam) to the Little Mermaid, but the Little Mermaid, (while in the water) had plenty of time and ingenuity to study the water bubbles and (later) applying the bubble knowledge to air, she developed air bubble washing machine and became jae-bol (conglomerate). In the mean time, the prince went bankrupt from bad investment, became the Little Mermaid’s “Secretary Kim,” and they lived a long, long… really just looong time. (Not necessarily happily, just the emphasis on the longevity)
--it's a silly parody of Little Mermaid's ending! hahaha--

He offers her his hand, “There will be no flowers, candles, wine, or even an ever-present ring either, but will you still be my wife?
She looks at him with clarity and love hitherto not shown, she puts her hand on his with a smile, “Of course.”
He smiles back and holds her hand tighter, while they get lost in each other’s eyes.
--So romantic scene. My eyes became teary! :D--

Return to the past. It’s late that night. All the well-wishers had left, and Joo Won walks slowly to where Ra Im is sleeping on her side with her arms as a pillow on the floor. He keels over next to her, and he ends up lying on his side forming a mirror image of her position. He opens his eyes to look at her sleeping face. His hand drops from midair directly onto her hand. Not realizing the significance of what he has done, he also slumbers into dreamland. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Oppa!

Suddenly I wanted to talking about Yoon Sang Hyun! Hohoho ...
To him, I could call 'oppa', because he is older than me! *flirtatious wink*

I'm not too concerned him in the drama My Fair Lady, because my attention was absorbed to Yoon Eun Hye, my favorite actress. But at Secret Garden, I like his acting as a hallyu star who selfish, childish, but also caring and loving.

The reason I suddenly like him? Uhm ... maybe because he was not too pretty (but I like Jang Geun Suk although sometimes he looks pretty huh? hehe). Sang Hyun also looks mature, perhaps because he is 38 years old. He was born in 1973, guys.

By the way, it seems he must fight for the same girl with JGS (if JGS still love that woman.) Because it turns out he also likes Ha Ji Won! Geez! Hahaha...
On the SBS TV show, Sang Hyun honestly said, "I have mentioned before that I'm a fan of Ha Ji-won, I've liked her from a while ago" when he was asked, "Who is closer to your style between Ha Ji-won and Kim Sa-rang from "Secret Garden?"

Ha Ji Won is really amazing woman, right? :)

I like him probably because of Sang Hyun oppa also have a talent to sing. His voice is really nice, a softer version than JGS's voice. Do not be surprised if it turns out he released an album in Japan.

So guys, try to listen to his melodious voice when he played the piano while singing Here I Am, in the drama Secret Garden.

Aaaah, oppa! Bravo!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lovely Secret Garden

He offers her his hand, “There will be no flowers, candles, wine, or even an ever-present ring either, but will you still be my wife?”

She looks at him with clarity and love hitherto not shown, she puts her hand on his with a smile, “Of course.”

-Secret Garden, episode 20-


I just finished watching K-drama Secret Garden. Now I know why this drama got high rating. The scene above is one of my favorite.
I have so many reason why I like this drama and regard it as the most dramatic plays throughout 2010. Not only because of all of the soundtracks are nice to hear, but many scenes are emotionally draining.

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won's acting is very good. Especially Ha Ji Won! Oh I love her dazzling smile, her biting lips in anger, her acting, and her chemistry with Hyun Bin. I think she's going to be my next favorite actress! It seems she can do action scenes like the Hongkong actors. Look her sexy and athletic body!

Should I call her 'unni'? Hehehe

I think there were many different kinds of love in this drama. And so many handsome actors too hehehe... *hello Lee Phillips!* He is look so cool as Director Lim.

Of course I also like Yoon Sang-hyun. His role as Hallyu Star named Oska was so comical and funny. It's look different from his role in My Fair Lady with Yoon Eun-hye.

I will show you my favorite scenes from Secret Garden in the next post, OK ;)
But now I'm so sleepy. I have to go, guys!

While I sleep, just enjoy this one of  Secret Garden soundtracks. Here I Am by 4MEN & Mi.

See you then, readers!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Need You Know!!!

When I first heard of Lady Antebellum I ask, who's that girl?
Stupid, my cousin said. It is the name of the group, you know!

Hehehe sorry, I'm busy listening to some instrumental and acoustic ... and also some Korean drama OST :P

Antebellum means 'before or existing before the war, i.e. the American Civil War'. , They came up with the name because they were taking pictures in front of antebellum architecture in historic Franklin, TN and liked the sound of the word. Cool!

I was poisoned by a few people, so I started listening to the songs which country genre. Suddenly I like their song 'Need You Know'! Ah! I love that song with all my heart *hyperbola style* :D

So you guys start asking, what the song represents my feelings? Wooow! How come you know it, guys! I really was in need of Jang Geun Suk hahaha...

They become one of my favorite group, especially their lady lead vocal Hillary Scott. She's as sexy as me! Hohoho *flushed cheeks*
And I'm happy because they win Grammy Award! Yay! You're awesome, guys!

This is the lyric of Need You Know. And also you can enjoy the song from Youtube. I dedicated for you, my beloved readers ^_^

Need You Know
Lady Antebellum

Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor.
Reaching for the phone cause, I can't fight it any more.
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
For me it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.
I said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now.
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now.

Another shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the door.
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before.
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
For me it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now.
I said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now.
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now.

I guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.
And I said I wouldn't call, but I'm a little drunk and I need you now.
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now.

I just need you now.

Oh baby I need you now.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Heart You. A Better Version

Dunno why I like song I Heart You sung by the boysband SM*SH. I like the beat, not the boys, because they look just copied korean boysband, especially Super Junior. Although I also do not like korean boysband, but the song kept ringing in my ear, very annoying!

Well, today I play for fun to Youtube, and gosh! I found several other versions of that song better than the original. There's also a parody that brought a group calling itself SMACK. Very funny! Hahaha... *LOL* Two tumbs for you guys!

My favorite is the instrumental jazz version played by Funkoff.
So cool! 'Coz suddenly I like jazz, and this version really fun to be heard, Aw! I love you guys!

Now I'm not upset anymore because that song ringing in my ears, 'coz I've got a better version! Hahaha...

Please hear this, you will agree ^_^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Favorite Scenes from Mary Stayed Out All Night

Today I watch the drama Mary Stay Out All Night for the tenth time! Hahaha .... I am really addicted to this drama.
So today I find the pictures of my favorite scenes in the play.

And here it is! Taraaaa!

Mae Ri measure Mu Gyul's hand in order to make him hand gloves

Mu Gyul asked: so now you begin to like me?

Mu Gyul's thinking of Mae Ri and unwittingly wear gloves that have not finished knitted by her.
Mu Gyul says to Jung In: You say you will try you best now, and ask me to be concern? Then he turns to kiss Mae Ri.

It's very funny to see them handcuffed, and Mae Ri forced to dance on stage ^^

Mae Ri: “You told me not to like you.”
Mu-gyul: “You told me you didn’t like me.” and suddenly they realize that they were in love all along

I enjoy the chemistry between Mu Gyul and Mae Ri in this drama. And that's the same process when I wrote all of my stories. The storyline is woven from the bottom, then slowly finding its form.

I don't care about the low rating of this drama. I've noticed is how they make the story line. Who knows one day I'll try to create scenarios hehehe....


Pissed Off

I have a plan for someone. Not a bad plan or painful, even though she already made me hurt and heartache.

Well, I do not like people who broke their promise to me even though I have never broken a promise to anyone, especially HER.

There are two objects, which we share for two. She promised to pay for both. But then she only pays for its own interests and conveniently said that I should look for ways to pay for my own parts.

Deceitful! And I was happy to be paid, even though I could pay for itself. I do not ask, but she who promised first. If she does not intend to pay, why did she promise? Oooh! I'm pissed off!

Fine. I will pay for my own part. By the way, do you want to join me go to Jogja next week, sis? Just bite your fingers. I will go alone without telling you, even though I have promises to take you. Suddenly I will be in Jogja and have fun there. I'm not going to buy all of your order, batik clothes and all sorts of other goods. No way.

Then I will go back home and say: hi I went to Jogja you know! It's so fun.
I imagine she will protest because I broke it, though yesterday I did not protest when she broke her promise.

FYI, I am not a person who likes to take revenge and this is not revenge. It's just a lesson for her so that no arbitrary. She think if she is older than me, she can belittle me?

Hohoho...She's wrong. I am smarter than her!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The City of Flower

Suddenly I wanted to go around Bandung. I think three days is enough to explore the cool places there. Wow Bandung! Hearing the name, I immediately thought of delicious foods! Hey listen! Sound of my stomach! :P

I was too young when our family lived there. So I am completely blind about interesting places and delicious foods. Lucky me, some of my aunts and uncles live there, so once in a while I could travel to Bandung and hang out at some place with my cousins.

Now it's time for my own adventure exploring the city of my birth. Yes, I was born in Bandung. It's written on my identity card. If anyone asks about bandung and I can not answer, it's just a disgrace! :P

So, I make itinerary. I think I can go about March, because this month I have to go to Jogja again to attend the wedding of my friend Ari.

This is my itinerary:
  • Taman Hutan Rakyat, Dago Pakar. There is a cave relics of the Japanese army that could be explored. 
  • Asia-Afrika Conference Museum.
  • Megalithic sites Gunung Padang
  • Pawon Cave
  • Sang Hyang Tikoro Cave
  • Geological Museum
  • Boscha Observatory

No places to hang out? Haha ... I prefer places that are scientific, historical and natural
It seems that culinary tourism in Bandung I will leave it to my aunty. She knew most delicious foods in Bandung and happy to try new places to eat! Haha...
But I had one place I have visited: Sop Buntut Dahapati in Jalan Cipaganti! Geez! I'm a maniac of oxtail soup! :D

Ow, I suddenly hungry! *rubbing my belly*

Pop Up from the Drama!

Lately I rarely buy clothes. My clothes are still a lot and no need to exchange the model. I don't have various model. Simple, standard and easy to mix and match. Just it.

But somehow when I see Korean and Japanese dramas, I always wanted to buy clothes like they wear. The clothes are cool, comfortable and still look as fancy as any casual. Make me drooling! Whoaaaa.....

By the way, my favorite are the clothes in the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night and Playful Kiss. I love Ha Ni's red coat!! OMG! I like red ... and suddenly the red coat appears in front of my eyes, she wear it! No way! I'm drooling! Hahaha...

I also like the clothes in MSOAN. There are a lot of cool cardigans and scarves. *Drooling again*

I don't know exactly what brand of clothing they wear in the movies, but I found some similar fashion on the internet.

Look! There's Mu Gyul's cardigan! ^_^

All Saints Stripe Brigit Cardigan

Best Price: £120.00

All Saints Night Storm Cardigan

Best Price: £70.00

All Saints Epona Cardigan

Best Price: £80.00

So cool, eh? And there's Ha Ni's coat! She has black, red and brown.

Valentino Cropped wool-blend peacoat

Best Price: £1,660.00

Great Plains JOAN4 Cardinal Red Coat

Best Price: £110.00

A.P.C. Cotton-twill parka coat

Best Price: £375.00

Now Mae Ri's clothing. Well, I think it's similar ^_^

Juicy Couture Faux-fur trimmed cotton parka

Best Price: £315.00

Soul Cal Hooded Cable Knit Scarf

Best Price: £29.99

Miso Cable Beanie Hat

Best Price: £8.99
knitted earmuffs
Long Gypsi Skirt

Just like pop up from the drama, right? I found most of all from! There's soooo many nice clothing in the website! But most of the price is too expensive for me hahaha....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Wooden Chopsticks

In early 2011, I promised myself to continue knitting lesson taught by my granny. I went to the bookstore, looking for knitting guide books. There's too many titles, I even confused. I finally just stare in front of bookshelves, no selection hahaha

Well, I went to my aunty, I thought she can knit everything. But it turns out she just could knit with hakken needles, not knitting with that two wooden chopsticks (what's the name of the chopsticks anyway?)

Fyuh! No doubt that I was jealous when seeing Moon Geun Young in the k-drama MSOAN, she looks so feminine with her knitting skill. Those are not just acting. She actually knit, fast motion as well. *Grmbl grmbl grmbl...*

Moon Geun Young in MSOAN. She was knitting. *Sigh!

There were some pictures of knitted goods that make me wish I could make it by myself.
When I can knit? hiks ...

The Coolest Guy. My Version

Last night I found this video on Youtube when stricken with insomnia and could not sleep till three o'clock in the morning. Dunno why I like Jang Geun Suk! Perhaps because his bright smile. He's sooooo adorable, right? ^^

The first time I saw him in drama You're Beautiful. Initially not too fancy. Hwang Tae-kyung was strange and arrogant guy. Then, in mid-episodes, I saw his smile! Hwang Tae-kyung oops, Jang Geun Suk smile! Hwaaaa! Suddenly I fell in love with him.

I immediately find all the news about him and his films. Then traraaaa! I watch the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night / Marry Me, Mary. I find him more cool than before! Ahahaha ...

Honestly, I like him the most in MSOAN. There seems obvious singing talent than his role in You're Beautiful. I also like fashion-clothing in the movie. Very bohemian style!

But I thought, I do not really like him in the drama Beethoven Virus. While there he was handsome and could play a trumpet. I think he is not fit to be a policeman! hehehe

Geez! Why am I babbling about Jang Geun Suk this early morning! I have not even slept since last night! Sleep for a minute before going into the kitchen and make breakfast.

zzzzzz ...