Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Same Pattern

Since I first knew him before, I knew immediately that he is someone who can not live without 'love'. Because he was living, breathing, moving, and do many things for the sake of love. For love, he plans his future. Without love, he's just a zombie.

He spent a lot of energy to love. For the person who was his beloved. He drowned in a sea of ​​love. His body was covered in the sentences of love that he spells every time. He could not see other things.

I think it is terrible and dangerous. I've asked him to think more logically and analytically. I said, nothing is eternal in this world. So is love. So is the feeling between the two lovers. There is always a possibility of it all is lost, destroyed overnight. It's just possibility when a mother kills her baby, or a father raping his daughter, or a child killed his parents. You know there are cases like that, right?

He insisted. Rest of his life for love, love and love. Then I became a witness when the love destroy what he gained, overnight. Making his life starts from zero again.

Not. Not the love that makes him a loser. But he who push himself to be a loser.

Today he again set his life. Still the same as before. For the sake of love, after he discovered a new harbor. Gather more pieces by pieces of the plan for the future with the new love.

It's horrible to see him repeat the same pattern. Living for love, not for himself. He forgot himself. Forget that there is still much more important and worth things to fight for than his love for her woman. His life. His own life is more important. Because when we die, we're going alone, right? And we are alone to be held accountable for what we've done in the world by God.

As his friend I don't mean to nag, even though he seemed to think me so.

I just feel worried, and have poor intuition about this. It was fragile relationship. But some people who think I want to ruin their relationship mocking me smartass. Yeah well, it's up to you. You also don't know better than me and could only become cheerleaders.

Don't you know, a good friend is a friend who tried to warn for good.

A Christian friend of mine once sent this quote to me, some summary thoughts from Bible. Although we are not the same religion, but what is contained in the summary is universal. I save and remember it.

He said that love should not be selfish.

That is love that goes beyond personal interest and did not demand anything for his personal. So we're not easily frustrated when love is not reciprocated and not been satisfactorily addressed and do not bring contentment. In other words is unconditionally love.

Also not love just driven by the psychological impetus for the love and attention to each other. Nor was it love that is given to a profit for himself. And not a love that requires others to pay attention to himself so that his life is recognized as one who gives love.

Then about dreams. Ideals. Destination. I also had one thought for myself.

Ask yourself. 'To whom all this?' Do you want to fulfill that dream for the sake of getting acceptance from others or do it for yourself?

Your dreams do not need approval from others, this all relates to your life, not theirs. Pursuing a dream just for the reception can be seen from: You think about what is not acceptable to others? Did you make them happy, or you are happy?

Have a dream because you really want is something important and meaningful to your life. Indeed, acceptance of others is fun. But, if others (especially someone you love) do not approve the way of life you choose, do not let that deter you. Have the courage to be yourself and live a life that you deem appropriate, and not the life that is considered worthy by others.

I'm just a friend who care for him so much. With the risk he took me nag and the cheerleaders abuse me.

It's okay.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Indian Prayers

I just found this prayer in Nur's blog, my blogger friend in UK. She posted this prayer in Bahasa version. It's so amazing to know how beautiful this prayer.

Please read the Sioux prayer in English version below.

A Sioux Prayer
Translated by Chief Yellow Lark - 1887

Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds
Whose breath gives life to the world, hear me
I come to you as one of your many children
I am small and weak
I need your strength and wisdom

May I walk in beauty
Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made
And my ears sharp to your voice.
Make me wise so that I may know the things you have taught your children.

The lessons you have written in every leaf and rock
Make me strong--------!
Not to be superior to my brothers, but to fight my greatest enemy....myself

Make me ever ready to come to you with straight eyes,
So that when life fades as the fading sunset,
May my spirit come to you without shame.

And this, I found another Indian's prayer.

Oh our Mother the earth, Oh our Father the sky,
Your children are we, and with tired backs
We bring you the gifts you love.
Then weave for us a garment of brightness;

May the Warp be the white light of the morning,
May the weft be the red light of the evening,
May the fringes be the falling rain,
May the border be the standing rainbow.

Thus weave for us a garment of brightness,
That we may walk fittingly where birds sing,
That we may walk fittingly where grass is green,
Oh our Mother Earth, Oh our Father Sky.

And also this one....

My grandfather is the fire
My grandmother is the wind
The Earth is my mother
The Great Spirit is my father
The World stopped at my birth
and laid itself at my feet
And I shall swallow the Earth whole
when I die
and the Earth and I will be one
Hail The Great Spirit, my father
without him no one could exist
because there would be no will to live
Hail The Earth, my mother
without which no food could be grown
and so cause the will to live to starve
Hail the wind, my grandmother
for she brings loving, lifegiving rain
nourishing us as she nourishes our crops
Hail the fire, my grandfather
for the light, the warmth, the comfort he brings
without which we be animals, not men
Hail my parent and grandparents
without which
not I
nor you
nor anyone else
could have existed
Life gives life
which gives unto itself
a promise of new life
Hail the Great Spirit, The Earth, the wind, the fire
praise my parents loudly
for they are your parents, too
Oh, Great Spirit, giver of my life
please accept this humble offering of prayer
this offering of praise
this honest reverence of my love for you.

You'll find others here.

Some of prayers, poetry and folklores has been known since the 16th century, indicating that Indian tribes already had literary culture, though still in the form of oral literature.

Most of their folklore, myths and legends were in the form of fable, or about man and nature, is also associated with spirits. Because they believe that whoever dies will be a spirit. The spirits that could be a protector, or can also be evil and annoying.

You know, since childhood I like Indians. Every time I play 'the cowboys and the Indians' with my male friends, I always forced them to allow me to be Indian. Hahaha...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recommended K-dramas 2011

Some of my friends started asking about the latest Korean dramas. The problem is I have not had time to watch the latest dramas, and even a few series that I bought two months ago have not all seen.

But .... because I was the one who is kind, not arrogant and diligent saving my money in my piggy bank, so I devote my precious little time (hehehe) for your sakes, O my friends, to gather all information about the latest korean dramas which good to be enjoyed.

Well, before I become more hyperbole again, please check the list below and immediately go to your DVD seller to buy your subscription.

Remember, debt is prohibited! :P


49 Days

About a woman from a wealthy family Sin Ji-hyeon (played by Nam Gyu-ri), which will soon be married to her fiance (Bae So-bin), but a car accident made her a coma and escorted to the gate of death. Her spirit met her angel Yi Song-soo (Jung Il-woo), which collected the spirits of the dead. By Yi Song-soo, she was assisted back to real life with a borrowed body, Song Yi-kyeong (Lee Yo-won). In order to stay alive, she must have a sincere tears of 3 people who loved him (except his parents) within 49 days.
My friend Arman said this drama was good :)


Yoon Ji-hoon (played by Park Shin Yang), is a forensic doctor who handled several cases of murder. He was assisted by the Goo Da Kyung (played by Kim Ah Joong), but Da Kyung himself more interested to go to the field examined the evidence at the crime scene rather than dwell in the morgue and laboratory. Together, they solve the cases of death that often culminate in a murder case.

The Duo

This drama tells the story of two men who swapped at birth. Dong Chun (Chun Jung Myung) is actually the son of nobles, but spent his days as a slave. Unlike the Gwi Dong (Lee Sang Yoon) who became an aristocrat. Fate brought them to a girl named Dong Nyeo (Han Ji Hye), and fell in love with the same girl. From here the competition begins, until the time reveal the secret behind their life.

Romance Town

No Sungeum whose grandmother and mother were maids, thanks to her gambling addicted father, also becomes a maid in a townhouse on 'First Avenue' which is located in a rich neighborhood. She tries to cope with her sorrow and loneliness by joining a meeting called 'Six Parted Garlic' and shares her joys and sorrows with the other maids. She also copes by way of reading letters to the ex-maid, Yoo Chunjak, from the son of the owner, Gang Geonwoo, who studies in NY. It's the Saturday when Geonwoo finally returns. Sungeum comes back from a convenience store after buying a 5000 won lottery ticket and is then fired by Geonwoo who wants grandma chunjack back. Being kicked out of the townhouse, she shoves her hands into her coat pocket and finds the lottery ticket she bought previously. Much to her surprise, she discovers she won the 10,000,000,000 won lottery!


About Han Jung Won, a workaholic career woman. Because of his hard work, he was able to support themselves without the help of his family, even able to gather abundant wealth of his own publishing company. However, because of mistakes a person, his life upside down and he should bounce back.

Lie To Me

A romantic comedy about a woman in her mid 20s lying that she was forced into marriage and then thing that happen after that. Still upcoming in Korea, so we must wait for the DVD. If you're fans of Yoon Eun-hye, you should watch :)

New Tales of Gisaeng

Tells of the ups and downs of people who take shelter in the gisaeng house. The love story between Sa Ran, a poor girl who becomes gisaeng with Ah Da-mo, an arrogant rich man and belittle women.

Can You Hear My Heart

A human drama about a beautiful love story of a man and a woman who overcome acquired deafness.

Babyfaced Beauty

Are you fans of Jang Nara? You must watch this drama. This' about thirty three year old spinster, Soyoung, has an unbelievably young looking face! Most girls who are 33, they are either married or very successful in their field. However, all Soyoung has is a troublesome family, morass of poverty, a poor academic background and a baby face inherited from her dad. She, wanted to be a world famous designer, applied for the nation’s top reputed design school and got accepted. However, because of some complicated family matters, she has to give up on her dream school. Instead, she goes to a textile institute and graduate there at the top of her class. Moreover, her dexterity allows her to make simple clothes for herself. When economy worsened, she gets fired from a company she worked at for 13 years because of her age. Soyoung lies about her age to get a job at the top textile company! There, she meets Choi Jinwook who finds older women unattractive. Jinwook, not knowing Soyoung is 6 years older than him, is becoming fond of her.

Okay guys, enjoy the dramas! <(^ ^)>

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yes. I do not like you. Very, very not like you and made me vomit. You can't forbid me to dislike you.
I have many reasons. You want to know? Please reflect in the mirror. See your smiling face. That's a false front. Your smile, too. It's always multi-layered mask you wear in public.

But no matter how hard your efforts to look holy, you can't fool me. You're a fake. You're not sincere. You're cheater. You always find justification for what you do, no matter how it hurts other people.

For as much as you sprinkle sweet words to everyone, to me it sounded cheap. You make love and affection as closeout items.

You're nothing more than a snake, who sneaked into the subtle minds of the people, to spread your poison and make them change according to your wishes.

Actually, to know who you are is not difficult. Look at the people in your circle. They were annoying, even don't know manners. People who like to hurt others but to pretend innocence. Who ungrateful and selfish. Who can only criticize others, but did not realize that they were jerks.

And you said nothing when they act, because it is so you, too.
I don't like you so much. So there.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Juna, Arjuna, Junaedi?

Do you guys, watch Master Chef Indonesia on TV? Do you know Chef Juna? He's cool, huh? Hehehe...
Especially I love his tattoo on his full arms! Wow!

Some people say he's too creepy. and he looked like he was acting an antagonist role. I don't be surprised if people say the show was so similar to soap operas.

Ah, but he still cool! : P

By the way, I thought his nickname Juna was taken from 'Arjuna' or 'Junaedi.'
"Omigod! Is he really Junaedi?" I began to think silly. Hahaha... but Junior Rorimpandey was his name. Ow! Sorry, Junior :P

Could I cook with you? Hihihi

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Parade of Princesses

I really enjoy the parade of girls in Will and Kate's wedding. I was laughing to see clothing worn Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. I was amazed to see how beautiful Pippa Middleton in her green dress. I like the lax dress of Victoria Beckham (although she is not a princess). I would also like to see three daughters of Earl Spencer (Lady Diana's nieces). Lady Amelia, Lady Elizabeth and Lady Kitty, they were beautiful and elegant.

Oh dear, It was, perhaps, a brave decision by Beatrice to pick a dusty pink Valentino Couture outfit given her flame-coloured hair. But the well-cut knee-length design at least allowed her to show off that new svelte figure.
Her younger sister, Eugenie, wore a cobalt-coloured creation by British designer Vivienne Westwood. A patriotic choice it may have been, but it did little to enhance Eugenie’s terrific curves.
The jacket with bow detailing was too tight; her puffball skirt a violently bright shade of blue and neither matched her gold platforms.

 Pippa Middleton. She look beautuful in her green dress :)

Earl Spencer's daughters: Lady Amelia, Lady Elizabeth & Lady Kitty. They look fabulous

Victoria's dress was classy, but some suggested her hair was scraped back too tightly giving her the 'Croydon face-lift' effect, while her make-up was perhaps more suited to red carpet than royal wedding...

Pippa Middleton in her bridesmaid dress. She look hot with her tanned skin and slim athletic body

Lady Sophie Windsor  was the most beautiful wedding guest in a cocktail dress and coat by Giorgio Armani Prive, with exaggerated shoulders and graphic hat.

The petite Princess Letizia of Spain judged her outfit perfectly: a pale pink bandage dress by Felipe Varela teamed with matching shoes and a charming cloche hat.
I like Zara Phillips' hat, and also I like her personality. Although her mother didn't give her a princess title, her attitudes and behavior are very noble.