Friday, June 17, 2011

Jakarta Great Sale!

I had to bite my finger, because I was not in Jakarta today, while Jakarta Great Sale Festival 2011 was opened! This event was held for one month, from June 17 - July 17 2011 in 68 malls in Jakarta. Aaaaarrrghh!

It doesn't mean I want to spend my money to shop, but it will definitely very exciting when window shopping from mall to mall with red papers fluttered above my head: "Sale 50%" or "70% Off". Hehehe...

Last year, I also missed the festival. But in previous years, when I was one of the working class there, I always participate. Participate? Hehehe ... not as a seller, but buyers. Um, exactly I'm a rioter. Because my presence was more as an observer alias window shopper. Oops! Hahaha...

If I were shopping, what did I buy? At most, accessories, jeans and tshirts. I rarely buy bags or shoes that do not need. Where should I store? My boarding room was not too narrow laaah, but sometimes I have to move out. Geez, I reluctantly have to move with a lot of stuff!

Back to the topic, Jakarta Great Sale 2011. This event has become a tradition to celebrate the anniversary of Jakarta. I remembered, three years ago my boarding mate, Butet Simanjuntak who loves shoes very much took me around Pasar Baru to buy shoes! The price of shoes was so crazy! On regular days in Pasar Baru, there's a lot of sale. Can you imagine when the festival discounts was come?

That day, my friend became crazy and took home six pairs of shoes! (I only brought two pairs. ONLY???)

Aye, Jakarta Great Sale has come! Only watching from afar. Happy shopping!

pict from here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Forgive Park Shin-hye

Once I did not like this girl: Park Shin-hye (PSH). Why? Maybe I was jealous because people said she's Jang Geun-suk's girlfriend. Hehehe..

The second reason, some of her fans are annoying. They insult JGS' partners in his other films, for example, Moon Geun-young (Marry Stayed Out All Nights). Then there was a war of words between two camps of fans. But it's clear that the first start was from PSH's fans. They are the ones that fanatics on PSH, crazy about Boys Before Flowers drama and want JGS and PSH dating in the real world.

Oh c'mon... They're going out or not, what's the matters, guys?

Once I didn't like PSH, because she didn't try to mediate the dispute. Come on, girl. Just speak up, one or two sentences. I don't believe that she didn't know about the dispute. I know, she's not blind about the Internet. She has a Cyworld account (blog service in Korea). She has a twitter, which is updated regularly. She's got a facebook? Who knows. Clearly she was active in cyberspace.

She could give a statement on twitter or Cyworld to arbitrate the disputes by her plebeian fans.

My friend, an actress said, that busy people like them, do not have time to deal with trivial things like that.
Oh yeah? But it is her moral responsibility to remind the fans for being polite.

I was not an actress, but I'm a person who had many supporting friends for anything I do. When one day I was attacked and they wanted to strike back the offender, wanted to curse or hurt the perpetrator, I have a moral obligation to stop them.

Because it will become a boomerang for me. My name will go bad. People do not just hate my friends, but also hate me.

But ....
Now because the fans were no longer at war, my feeling to PSH was gonna be normal. No hate, but also not love.

But there's one person that I mark, have attitudes like PSH. Letting a friend to attacked me. Hiding in silence and pretend not to know anything.

Perhaps you secretly glad that it happened, eh?

Park Shin-hye