Saturday, April 30, 2011

Will & Kate. Cinderella's Wedding

I was glued to the television from morning until night yesterday. It was the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton which is like a Cinderella story.
But unlike the fairy tale Cinderella in the story books, for some reason I have doubts with this wedding.

Okay, I'm not a fortune teller. I'm also not a shaman's daughter. But my feeling said so.

I love Kate's wedding dress that is not glamorous. I like her makeup that is not excessive. I like the ceremony that is down to earth and straightforward. I like the uniform selected by Prince William. It was the Irish guard uniform. And it marks the Prince William showed his appreciation in Ireland and tried to show that the British have not been ignoring the region. Ireland as we know is often hit by terror from the IRA organization that is not satisfied on the British government and wanted to secede.

In joking, I'm jealous with the couple! Hahaha ...
I had always loved Prince William. Because not like other European princes who keep their image from public, Prince William is being himself. He was caught on camera dancing like crazy with only wearing boxer shorts at a party.
He also joined Raleigh's famous expedition to extreme places. Together with his brother Harry, he founded a charity for abandoned children. And ... he eventually chose an ordinary girl as a wife.

Uh, but this is serious.
I can not stop my doubts that their marriage will experience a setback. Looks like there will be problems that arise because of Kate's family.
Kate might be able to adjust to the royal family. But what about her family?

See her mother Carole. I'm so sorry if I say that Kate's mother being plebeian. She chewed gum at the event's official parade of her candidates in-law, who attended the Queen of England! Imagine! The people defending it, saying that she was nervous. Whatever she's nervous, as a former flight attendant she should understand that it is a royal event.

she wore something blue, but too pale

Kate and Carole Middleton in the parade

See the clothes she wore during the royal wedding. People said she looked elegant and remarkable. But for me, the color she chose is too pale, her dress is too simple, her hat is commonly used by old women. Geez! I am dissapointed in her.

But ignoring my gut feeling, I pray for Will and Kate's happiness , however I am a big fan of Prince William... and now become Kate's fans.

I wish Kate will become a better princess than Lady Diana. I'm sure about it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Temple in the Middle of the Lake

Some time ago, I went to the Cangkuang Temple in my mom's hometown Garut, West Java. I and several cousins ​​had to use rafts to cross the lake to the island where the temple is situated.

Cangkuang temple was first discovered on December 9, 1966 but after going through various research, suffered refurbishment in 1974 to 1976.

The story of Temple Cangkuang not be separated from the history of religion in Indonesia.

It is the story of the 17th century, where local people still adhered to Hindu religion. But there is a change in the century after a warlord of the Kingdom of Mataram called Mbah Dalem Arief Muhammad did not return to his kingdom when successfully beaten back by soldiers of the VOC in Batavia. Arief Muhammad was finally settled in the village of Cangkuang and began to spread Islam, so that the local community fully converted to Islam.

Cangkuang Temple that stood in the middle of the island is an evidence of the ancestral heritage embraces Hinduism. Inside the temple kept a statue of Lord Shiva, which have a well with a depth of seven meters below the statue. You can see the historical evidence: the existence of the tomb of Muhammad Arief Mbah Dalem right beside the temple, and some tombs of the ancient army soldiers.

In the island, near the temple, there is a village called Kampung Pulo. The village has its own uniqueness.

Within this complex of buildings which stood 7 consists of 6 houses and a mosque and a well that is used for ablution. Villagers have the customary prohibition, which is not allowed to keep four-legged animals, should not be beating the drum, and should not be building a house in addition to seven existing buildings.

The houses are inherited from generation to generation to the eldest daughter. The sons who are married have to live outside the village.

You know what, the scenery is amazing, with the court a clean and neat, which was cool by trees hundreds of years old!

Wanna go there? :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Looking for Prince Diponegoro

Inspired by the writings of Djakarta Tempo Doeloe by Abah Alwi, who relates that Prince Diponegoro was imprisoned in Staadhuis (now the Museum Fatahillah), so I persuaded my friends to take a walk to the Museum Fatahillah last year.

Why would I want to know? It's because of Prince Diponegoro was my ancestor.

The Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta), which is also known as Fatahillah Museum or Batavia Museum, is located in the Old Town of Jakarta, Indonesia. The building was built in 1710 as the Stadhuis (city hall) of Batavia. It was opened in 1974, displays objects from the prehistoric times of the city, the founding of Jayakarta in 1527, and through Dutch colonization from the 16th century onwards until Indonesia’s Independence in 1945.

You guys, who live in Jakarta, should visit here at least once, to know the history of the city where you live.

The Museum has a collection of around 23,500 objects, some of them inherited from de Oude Bataviasche Museum (now the Wayang Museum). The collection includes objects from the Dutch East Indies Company, historic maps, paintings, ceramics, furnitures, and archeological objects from the prehistoric era such as ancient inscriptions and sword. It also contains the richest collection of Betawi style furnitures from the 17th to the 19th century.

You can find a replica of the Tugu Inscription from the age of Great King Purnawarman, which is the evidence that the center of the Kingdom of Tarumanegara was located around the seaport of Tanjung Priok on the coast of Jakarta. There is also a replica of the 16th century map of the Portuguese Padrao Monument, a historical evidence of the ancient Sunda Kelapa Harbor. It's so interesting, right?

Okay, back to the topic.

Nobody knew where the room who had 'occupied' Diponegoro, at the colonial building. It's not reported at all in Javasche Courant (State) and other newspapers about the event of Diponegoro's arrival in Batavia in 1830.

I can imagine the shock that occurred during the arrest of Prince Diponegoro at the negotiating table with the Dutch colonial rulers. How very cunning!

He was arrested in Magelang on March 28, 1830. After conducting a five-year uprising. Victims of the Netherlands as many as 15 thousand people. On the Diponegoro's 30 thousand people. Victims of the people is much greater. Around 180 thousand people in Java died during the war five years. The material losses of 20 million Dutch guilders, a huge amount at the time.

You can see, the people loved Prince Diponegoro and want to fight with him. Because they think the Prince is a true king, although he has handed over his crown to his brother for the sake of fighting against invaders.

It was a debate about how long the prince lived in Staadhuis. But definitely, he is treated with respect. Not placed in a narrow cell with common criminals. That said, he was placed in a room on the second floor of the building. Of course, he got good food and drinks.

At the Museum Fatahillah, there are a number of narrow dungeon, dark and chest-high water flooded. The prisons is also called water prisons. The followers of Prince Diponegoro was arrested here. According to records, Untung Surapati also been arrested here, but managed to escape.

Wow, I imagine how great Bang Untung Surapati! You see, because the legs of each prisoner weighted by a 100 kg steel ball. But according to the story, Untung Surapati assisted by Suzanna, a daughter of an East India Company officials who loved him. Suzanna managed to bribe the guards to release Untung. How beautiful love is! :)

Looks like my visit to Museum Fatahillah could find no obvious trace of the existence of my ancestor. No one knows for sure the room where the prince held captive before exiled to Manado.

Oh by the way, on the second floor of City Hall, there are Raden Saleh's paintings titled 'Capture of Diponegoro' which he completed 1858. Unlike other painters who depict the colonial perspective, without a doubt Raden Saleh shows how the expression of Diponegoro as the moral winner, who walked into the jail with a facial challenge his enemies. Including a commander of the VOC challenge. That's an anti-colonial revolutionary painting. No wonder this painting was only brought back to Jakarta by the Dutch after Indonesia's independence. Diponegoro, in the painting wearing the robes and turban. On his belt dangle a 'tasbih' (moslem rosary). It shows that he is a devout patriot.

I felt proud looking at the painting :)

Raden Saleh's painting about Prince Diponegoro

My friend Kiki and the statue of Hermes

Me & my friends take a look at the water prisons

The VOC's cannon

The chest-high water prison. But now it's not flooded

The Fatahillah Museum formerly known as Stadhuis

the governor general's dining table

Zaky, Kiki's son, in front of the dungeon

Iron balls for the prisoners (all of the picts is mine except this pict by Aroengbinang Project)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Erotica in Taman Sari

There are some things I want to share from my traveling to Taman Sari Water Castle in Jogja a few years ago. There are some unique things in there that not everyone knows, not everyone told, not everyone shared with other.

I was lucky to get a nice tour guide. He's not an official guide from the local government or a historian. He's only an old man, a local resident who is allowed to be tour guide by Kraton Jogja, like some other people there.

Ridwan and I didn't intend to hire a guide, but this old man greeted us kindly. I think that's not wrong if he guides us. Because not many things that we can see in Taman Sari. Most of the former palace has been the form of debris. Only a pool that has been renovated.

My intuition was not wrong. This old man, I forgot his name, told different things by the results of my research. The explanation of my tour guide makes me increasingly understood that the Taman Sari was built for a king to have fun, and increasingly impressed me because at that time there's existing advanced technology in a simple way.

Check this first!

This is the remaining wall Gedhong Kenongo. It was standing on an artificial island called Pulo Kenongo. The biggest building in the first part is quite high. From the bridge of highs people can observe the Palace of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas to the outside of the Benteng Baluwarti. It is said Gedhong Kenongo consists of several rooms with different functions. From a distance the building is like floating on the water. Therefore not surprising that later Taman Sari dubbed with the name "Water Palace" (Water Castle). At present this building ruins lives alone.

To the south there is a row of Pulo Kenongo small building called "Tajug". This building is a tower of air ventilation for the tunnel under the water. This tunnel is the entrance to Pulo Kenongo besides using the canoe/boat sailed the artificial lake. Formerly in the western part of the artificial island there is also a tunnel, but his condition is now less manicured than the south tunnel. Tajug row was now no longer in the upper lake. Because the artificial lake has receded and become the servants of King township.

Meanwhile in the west of Pulo Kenongo there are buildings shaped like a circular ring called a "Sumur Gumuling". This two-story building can only be entered through a tunnel under the water. Sumur Gumuling traditionally said to be used as a mosque. On the second floor was found a niche in the wall which is said to be used as a sanctuary, where the imam leading the prayer. In the middle of the building that is open, there are four levels of ride and meet in the middle. From the fourth meeting these levels there is one more level to the second floor. Under the four-level meeting is that it seems there is a small pond used for ablution.

"Gedhong Hageng Gate" is the main gate of the garden of the kings of his day. At that time the Taman Sari facing toward the west and extends eastward. Gate is located in the westernmost part of the palace sites remaining water. The east side of the main door can still be seen while its west side is covered by dense settlements. Gates that have some space and is decorated with reliefs of two levels of birds and flowers that show in the completion of Taman Sari in the year 1691 Java (about AD 1765 AD).

"Umbul Pasiraman" or there is a call to "Umbul Binangun" is a bathing pool for the Sultan, his wives, and their daughters him. The complex is surrounded by high walls. To get to the place is provided by two gates, one on the east side and one on the west side. Inside this gate there is a decreased level. In the complex there are three pieces Umbul Pasiraman pool is decorated with mushroom-shaped fountain. Around the pool there is a giant flower pot. Besides the pool there are also building on the north side and in the middle of the south.
See the tower at the top?  From there the sultan peeked his wives who were bathing in the pool. If he wants one of them to accompany him, he will throw his handkerchief to his choice.

In ancient times, besides the sultan, only women are allowed to enter into this complex. This is possible because all the women in (empress, wife, concubine and the sultan's daughter) who get into this garden should be loose clothes (naked), so that men are strictly forbidden by the sultan to get into the garden.

The west wing building is where the wives and princess change their clothes

The room where the sultan meditate. On the left and right there are four right bath. During the sultan meditate, four of his wives bath there to test the sultan. It's said, if the sultan resist the temptation, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul will come to him and invite the sultan to make love with her. Huh?

The bath tubes

This is a bed that is used by one of the sultan of Jogja in the former building of Taman Sari resort. The length of this bed more than two feet and made ​​of cast concrete. So huge!

This is the Sultan's bed used to sleep with his choice wife after a bath. The bed is made of concrete, very thick and wide. The height of the bed is about waist high with a certain size because there is an erotic reason in the making. Hehehe...
Under the bed there are holes for inserting firewood to warm the bed. On the front wall of bed is a former big mirror that was almost covered the walls, with a height equal to the bed. Please you guys think the function ;)

Behind the king's room, there is a unique trench that once flowed water every day. The trench is designed in such a way that water flowing in it has solmisasi tone. The trench wall had holes to align the key tone. It's great, right?

Arrange the rocks in this hole, and you will get a beautiful tone that you want!

This is not just a ventilation hole in the wall. This form is a symbol of married and sexual life. But don't ask me. I forgot! Hahaha...

All plants at Taman Sari has efficacy for virility, fertility and sexual problems.

Still a lot of unique things and erotic at Taman Sari. Unfortunately I lost some precious photos. Later I'll go back there and tell it to you with a better picture, OK? ;)

Note: All of the photos are my private stuff.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Nausea is Killing Me

Hi! I'm sick. Lying weakly in bed since yesterday afternoon. Looks like I got a cold. My stomach bloating, nausea, heartburn, and should be back and forth to the restroom once an hour. I was able to sleep at two in the morning! Hiks ...

Today I had to not cook, because I was too weak to go to the kitchen. So I buy lunch food at the stall for the gardeners. I'm angry, no one helps me clean the house. My sister-in-law have to go to school (she's a teacher), I am alone at home. Dad cooking rice this morning, and when I taste the rice was still half-baked! Aaargh!

This house is a mess without me!

Actually there's a good news this morning. Ari told me that the new netbook ready to be sent. But he would not tell what brand and what color. He just said the price! I've said previously I don't want a black color if there are other options. I'm so curious. Sigh!

Now I wanna go to the restroom again! See ya!
*run headlong* :))

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Fully Head

These days there are many new plans in my head.
For three days I was puzzled by a matter of waiting for my new netbooks from Jogja, until my ulcer recurrence. By the way, the new netbook is actually entered into the list of my latest plan.

Okay, if you want to know what makes my head full lately, check this out!

  • New netbook. I need a netbook, not a notebook. My old notebook is used by my sister in-law to do her thesis now. Because I often travel, netbook is easy to carry anywhere because of smaller and lighter. The problem is, my bestfriend Ari, who help finding a good netbook, will vote today after four days of back and forth to the exhibition. Ari, what a perfectionist you are! Make me wait long in desperate 'coz need the stuff ... hiks...
  • Go to Lawang Sewu. Okay, it's because  Gloria who living in Semarang and reminds me of the haunted place ' Lawang Sewu.' But the word 'haunted' is not an official nickname of the place. Actually the place is government-protected historic buildings. I will not be looking for ghosts there. I really want to trail of the history :p
  • Honda Scoopy. Hey, I don't know why I want this thing! Probably because of seeing its ads on TV. The song ringing in my ears "Scoppy, semuanya naik Scoopy..."
    I'm actually not very good at riding a motorcycle. Can go but can not put the brakes on hahaha... I like the white one! Aaah, I want to buy it! 
  • Hunting DVD K-drama. I do research and cross-check some good K-drama on the internet. I want to buy it, but there's no time to go to the store! Damn!

It seems, from some of the plan, I will just get a new netbook. Ari sent SMS last night and told me that he had the choice to one brand netbook. So now, I'm sitting anxiously awaiting my new netbook from Jogja.
OMG, are we choosing a husband for me, Ari? What took you so long? *LOL*

Lawang Sewu

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letter to The Commander

I do not agree that Officer Norman Kamaru given sanction, Commander! He did not harm the nation. His Indian dancing on Youtube just entertain people and make the image of the police to be more friendly.

You'd better care of your men who like to accept bribes and money tips when giving a speeding ticket on the street, Sir. It's called 'harm the nation and damaged the image of the police.'

Officer Norman Kamaru just a young cop who tries to overcome the saturation on his guard duty, and entertaining his friends. I am sure that when all of a sudden there was a riot, he will not be negligent and would soon act as the other cops. What's wrong with dancing in a few minutes? We're not in a state of war, Sir.

I am not a police officer and did not understand the rules of the police. But I am a journalist. In my experience, Brimob is the most sympathetic officials in the field in every case that I reported. You all approach the community is very good and persuasive. In my opinion, Officer Norman actually reinforce the impression of friendly.

Please excuse him, Sir. He was just a new police charge one year and five months. he's just still childish. He's funny, really.

We need the police are down to earth and friendly as he is, Commander. Because the police task is to protect us, right Sir?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blabbering in the Afternoon

Until this day I still fall in love with Yoo Ah-in. Not just because he looks like my school friend who  disappeared some where. You know, I like the style of Ah-in. He's cool, mysterious and mischievous.

Perhaps it is coincidence that the face of my friend named Abe was a bit like Yoo Ah-in. Especially their eyes and lips. Their lips thick, conical, pouts as if mocking people who stare at them. And they have slanted eyes ... ah, since I was a teenager I like the slant-eyed guys!

Not only Kenzo, who has slanted eyes. Of course, he was obviously a half Japanese. But my boyfriends before him, most have slanted eyes, although not all of them descendants of oriental.

What's so special with the slant-eyed guys, Enno? Ask my friends. Ah, dunno.
Maybe because in my family there are a lot of people have slanted eyes. Many of my cousins ​​have slanted eyes, even my own. Sometimes, if I walk in the Chinatown area in Jakarta, the owner of the shop where I shop called me 'amoy' or 'cici'. Hahaha...

Back to the topic.
When I saw Yoo Ah-in, knew him from the Korean dramas that I watch, I realized that my old friend Abe was cool. Hahaha

Oh, oh! The guy with hot lips and slanted eyes ^^

A cool guy who does not look cool because it was covered by his naughty. That was Abe. Though he said he fell in love with me for three years! OMG, why would I be so blind? A handsome guy was in love with me and I even busy crush on his brother and other guys! Phew! It's stupido, right?

Today I'm thinking, when I used to know his feelings, would I accept his love?
I think about it anymore ... and the answer is NO. Because I consider him like my brother.

It's become another story if the guy who falls in love with me is Yoo Ah-in! *wink*

By the way, I found a tumblr and blog link which full of Yoo Ah-in photos and videos. Aaaah! It's heaven! If you are Yoo Ah-in's fans and wanna peek him, just click this link and this link.

So I also 'stole' some Ah-in's photos from the sites and drooling...

Ah-in darling... I wanna kiss you!
Smooch smooch! :))

Hey, why you kissed that apple! Just kiss me ONLY!!! :))