Saturday, November 26, 2011

Don't Flirt Me

He said, I've got a nice smile. He asked if I had a boyfriend.

I was silent, reluctant to answer. I changed the subject so that we are only talking about funny topics. But his attention could not be diverted. He asked me again: do you have a boyfriend?

Then I replied: I recently ended a relationship. so please, it's a question that I'm most reluctant to answer. He said 'well, we talked about general things.

Few minutes later he suddenly said, 'would you be my wife and mother of my children?' I knew he was joking, so I laughed. But my mood was already disturbed.

Rona said, she is more respect to this kind of man. The man who knows what he wants. The man who would just say I love you, than people who say 'I THINK I love you.'

So do I. 

I would choose a man like that if he did exist. Which not only NATO, Not Action Talk Only. Not a wishy washy man, who hide behind the excuse faltered after he lied in the name of God. Not a man who looked like with my last boyfriend.

But my heart still hurt. I'm not concerned with love. For now I just want to enjoy this freedom without the selfishness of a man.

So please, do not flirt me.

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