Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey Shik-ah!

It's been long time I didn't write about Yoo Ah-in, huh? Yes, Yoo Ah-in, that handsome guy which is similar face to my school friend xixixi ...

He is very-very different from Indonesian actors which the same age as him. I do not mean to denigrate young Indonesian actors or whatever. But of all the writings, interviews, coverage, news and anything that spread in the real world and cyberspace, Yoo Ah-in is not the kind of celebrities who dazzled by the glamorous life.

Just read his writings on twitter. He has a talent for writing, I thought (as an editor). And a wise way of thinking, beyond his age and his babyface.

Beyond all that, Yoo Ah-in always reminds me of Abe, my school friend who is missing somewhere. Makes me miss my teenager days long time ago.

Hey Shik-ah, thanks for remind me of my school years! Success for you. I love you. Hahaha...

PS: Yoo Ah-in's real name is Uhm Hong-shik. So, I call him Shik-ah ^^

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Monday, July 25, 2011


Yay! I'm quite satisfied with this blog now. After two nights I was renovating, I decided to use this template. Thanks to Mary Chee, who made ​​this cool template! I modified again with my personal tastes and widgets.

It seems, after struggling with complicated codes this week, browse the websites of tutorials and templates provider, I began to envy the teenage girls of today. Some cool template that I found on the internet are made ​​in them! You know, the templates which pretty, girly and simple but beautiful views as this template. Those are created by teenager girls ! OMG! I spent my adolescence by reading a book and grow into an anti-social nerd! LOL.

Since make a friend with Ari, who is very cool in the IT field (of course he's a director in the Japanese IT firms!), I like tinkering with html code. Ari taught me to learn by myself. He just give tips, then said : just looking on the internet! Many of the tutorials there!

Sometimes disappointing, eh? Hehehe.

But then, I was a fast learner. For each nice widget or decorations blog on another blog, I immediately find a way on the internet. It makes me creative.

Until now, if I was yelling at him for help related to the blog or internet, Ari didn't immediately reply me. He let me in confusion and eventually found my own way.

"Yes, I know you can surely find a way. I know you're my smart friend. So I said nothing." He said when I told him that I already have a solution.

So I do the same when my friends ask about how difficult replacing or changing something on their blogs. As far as I have shown that the accessory is (probably) right on the blog, if you want to modify, please find the tutorial on the internet, darlings ^^

Improve your ability. Let's compete with the teenage girls, okay? Hehehehe ...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Under Construction

Hey, the blog is under construction! Thanks to Lettha, her blog is full of cool tutorials and inspire me.

I've been wanting to learn template coding, and it actually started since I know about blogging in 2006. At that time, was still wearing classic template.

Hohoho! I remember when all day I was fiddling with html code as I do not know how to put my blogger friends' links. Hihihihi ...

Therefore now I am not so blind about html coding. Wiiih! I want to be able to make
template base code! Haaaa! Let's learn! Ganbatte!

So guys, sorry for any inconvenience while this blog was renovated. 

Hell yeah! ^^

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hey you! I've burned the cabin. Everything is gone overnight. If you think I was doing it while crying, you're wrong. Big big wrong. I didn't intend to cry over loser like you.

Oh, you don't like being called a loser? But that's you, darling. You left without a word.  Go quietly like a thief.

You know what, I do not even mind if we split up. But not with the way you did. You didn't think I am a HUMAN who deserve a good talk.

That's why I'm angry. I don't know how long I can forgive you. Wait till I saw you fall again. Yes. I curse you. I curse you feel what I feel now. As it turns out that your pain experience was not make you appreciate the feelings of others.

You think my heart was made ​​of stone, eh?

Yes Leonard, I'll keep writing about the pain that you gave me. Here, or in my other house. Why should I care if you become embarrassed? It was not me who embarrass you. You're the one who did it.

Farewell, darling. Just leave the cabin to ashes. As our story, a cheap soap opera that you created once upon a time.

Aeternum vale. Farewell forever.