Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Have A Dream

Hey, you know what? ... I want to move to the island at the edge of the world there. The place where all the story of someone began. Looks like it fits into place to write.
Being a hermit and write, write, write. Escape from this dull world.

Then my friend, Rona, who read this will be commented like this:
Ihiiiy! Do you want to follow Pakcik? Just marry him! You match him!

And I'll run over there .. say 'I love you' to him? Hahaha ... of course not. Later I will do. If I had gone mad.
But I'm seriously thinking of getting a house there. My own home.

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Gilda said...

Sassy annyeong ^__^
my name is Gilda and I am Korean drama fan too *
I really love your blogs *Solitude & Pingku club*
Na jinjja want be a good friend with you :) can i???

Sassy Enno said...

hello gilda....

thank you so much for reading my blogs. of course, let's be friend! :)

do you have a blog so I can visit you too? pls tell me the link :D


Gilda said...

oh I have not english blog because I have not very enough time for update it( you know my english is not very good in writing but I can easily understand when I reading)*wink*
I just have a blog with my language in persian! ^___^

Gilda said...

Now I have a blog in English *shock*
It is very amazing Sassy *hugs*

Enno said...

haha congrats gilda! *hugs*